Create & Thrive Ebook Cover Getting Started With Social Media

The newest Create & Thrive guide is available today!

I’ve been helping people get their head around using social media to market their business for a few years now, so I know first-hand that even though social media use seems ubiquitous, it’s not.

There are still many, many folks who either have yet to dip their toe in the social media pool, or who’ve tried and given up in frustration, because they ‘just don’t GET it‘.


If that sounds familiar… I wrote this guide just for you.


It’s a simple, straight-forward, action-orientated guide – delivered as a pdf e-book – to getting started with the ‘Big 4’ social media – Facebook, Twitter, Instagram & Pinterest.


For each of these social media, you’ll learn:

  • what it is
  • how it works
  • why you should use it
  • why your customers use it
  • and, of course, how to use it, including plenty of suggestions for content ideas


I also give you a ‘Getting Started’ step-by-step guide to each of the 4 social media, which you can easily follow to get up and running.

There’s also lots of info on the ‘why’ – why social media is so important to growing a successful online business, and the huge benefits it can bring to the growth of your creative biz.

I also give you a couple of clever content creation, curation, and management strategies that I use personally, and which will seriously cut down the time it takes to make social media work for your business.


It’s currently at the special launch price of $20 – the price will go up to $25 come Monday the 20th.


Here’s the link to check it out: Getting Started With Social Media (This site/resource is no longer available).

Hope you’re having an ace week!

Jess x

P.S. I’ve also done an overhaul on our guide How to Run a Rockin’ Mailing List (This site/resource is no longer available)! 

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