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Want help with starting (or sticking to) a simple bookkeeping system?

My bookkeeping basics for small biz workshop is aimed at those who don’t have a solid bookkeeping system in place, or who do a poor job of maintaining their bookkeeping on a regular basis.

I hope to convince you why keeping on top of your books is not only important for tax time, but also for the growth of your business in general!

If you don’t know your numbers – you don’t know what your business is doing… and to be successful, you REALLY need to know what’s happening with your money.

In fact… keeping your books CAN actually be kinda fun and motivating (yes, I said it! 🙊).

In the workshop, I cover:

💸 Income, expenses, & deductibles… oh my!
💸 Why keeping on top of your money matters… and the software I use.
💸 Why you should separate your personal and biz finances.
💸 And, I give you an 8-step checklist to get you started!

I also give you a downloadable spreadsheet that you can totally steal and use for your own bookeeping!

Feedback from peeps who’ve taken the workshop..

“Great workshop Jess, I actually did enjoy it.”

“I’ve just finished watching this and yes it was a great kick up the pants. This may have been written for me. I need this! Thank you for demystifying something that I can safely say I have been avoiding. I would have been just like you in your first year and had a nightmare at tax time. But you’ve saved me! I have downloaded the spreadsheet and will start TODAY. Thanks.”

“This was a great video Jess. I have a major tendency to go spreadsheet crazy and make things more complicated then needed.”

“This is the first workshop I’ve watched Jess and I love your down to earth conversational style. I’ve seen some videos of people and they’re all professional, dressed up to the nines and perfect make up. You are someone who the every day person can relate to and not feel like a fail because we don’t dress up like a supermodel every day! Thank you!”

Access this workshop right now in the Thriver Circle – my private membership community for makers.

Once you join, just head over to the Resource Library, click on Workshops, and you’ll find it right there!

》》》 ThriverCircle.com

Jess x

P.S. Fun fact – membership to the Circle can be added to your ‘tax deduction’ section! 

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