Biz Bootcamp

So, I’m doing something rather fun in January – a 21-day bootcamp exclusively for the members of the Thriver Circle!

We’re going to work together to kick 2016 off with a bang, and set up you up for your best year in biz yet.

This bootcamp is focused on the things YOU need to do – as a handmade business owner – to ensure you’re ready to tackle a new year with clarity and focus.


The Biz Bootcamp will start on Monday, Jan 11th.

The Bootcamp is ONLY available to Thriver Circle members. And yes – it is at absolutely no extra cost above and beyond your small monthly membership fee. If you want to join us for the Bootcamp, make sure you join the Circle – there is no other way to participate.


What Will It Look Like?

For the 21 days of the Bootcamp, there will be a daily lesson/activity for you to complete, and we will, of course, be discussing each one in the Circle FB Forum, so we can take advantage of the amazing support and advice we have for each other.

There will be:

  • An intro video from me at the start of each of the 3 weeks of the program – which I’ll email out to you.
  • A daily lesson on the TC site (visible to members only).
  • A daily prompt in the FB group for us to use to discuss that day’s lesson/activity.


What Will It Cover?

There will be 3 main themes over the 3 weeks of the bootcamp.

  • You will get clear on what your business is going to look like in 2016.
  • You will do your goal setting and time management plans for the year ahead.
  • You will create a marketing plan for 2016.

By the end of the bootcamp, you will have a crystal-clear idea of what 2016 holds for your business, and how you’re going to get there.


How to Participate

If you’re already a member of the Circle… you don’t need to do anything except maintain your membership and look forward to January!

If you’re not already a member… you must join us in order to take part.

Membership is only open 4 times a year, for 48 hours at a time. To see if membership is open now, visit this page. (It’s open this week – Oct 27-28 Aussie time!)

If it’s not, make sure to subscribe to the email list here and you’ll be notified when membership opens – as well as gaining access to my free Handmade Biz Toolkit.

I hope you’re looking forward to this as much as I am!

Jess x

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