do you want to take Set Up Shop in October?

So… I wasn’t planning on running Set Up Shop again until February next year.

However… quite a number of you have emailed/messaged/tweeted me and asked that I please, please run it again this year. After asking over on the C&T Facebook page, I have to give it to the power of the people, because…

You convinced me.

Set Up Shop is going to run one final time in 2013 – October 1st to 30th.

If you’re at the ‘thinking about it stage’ or the ‘have a shop but it’s not up to scratch’ stage… or, even the ‘have a shop but want to spruce it up and get it in tip-top-shape before Christmas’ stage… then Set Up Shop is for YOU.

If you’re new round these ‘ere parts, and don’t know what Set Up Shop is, click here to find out, and just hit reply if you have any questions at all!

I’m really looking forward to guiding a new group of fabulous Thrivers through the course – every time I run it I have people who come out the other side with completely revolutionised shops – and businesses – so I’m super-excited to see what the final 2013 cohort has up their sleeves!

Will you be joining us? Click here to register now!

Jess xx

P.S. Here are some fun pics for you to use if you want to spread the #SetUpShop word!

1-are your handmade goods piling up in your online shop because noones buying

1-do you want your handmade shop to stand out

1-does your handmade shop have that little something unique

1-does your handmade shop make people want to reach out and touch


1-is your handmade shop trapped in the ordinary box

1-when it comes to your handmade shop, do you have all your ducks in a row

P.P.S. If you’re wondering what AWESOME shop I took all these photos in… the answer, my friends, is Loopy Mango in SoHo, NYC. BEST SHOP EVER.

P.P.P.S. Have you signed up yet?

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