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This week’s question is from Jane of Earth Apple Jewellery, and she writes…

I am excited that I have been asked to guest blog, but now I am not sure how to start and specifically what format to write it in so that it transfers to the host blog. I know you do it all the time and so that is why I came to you.

Many thanks as always!

Okay, first of all – yay! Congratulations on being asked to guest post on someone’s blog.

Guest posting is a great way of reaching out and finding new readers for your own blog, as well as building your reputation in your sphere as an ‘expert’ in something.

Let’s go through and answer a few questions people might have about guest posting, including your question, Jane.

1. How do I get a guest post spot?

Well, there are 2 ways you can get a spot guest posting on someone else’s blog.

Either they will approach you and ask, or, you can approach them.

If there’s a blog you’d love to post on, first look around that blog to see if they accept posts from other people. Then, spend the time looking around their pages to see if they have guest posting policies – many popular blogs will, and some of them will be quite specific.

Once you’re armed with this information, and you’re convinced that you have a great guest post topic that would be a perfect fit for their blog, send them a brief email introducing yourself and your guest post idea.

Make sure to be very personable and direct – as popular blogs get a LOT of guest post requests – many of them from spammers, so they will be very quick to delete anything that looks like a guest post request from someone just looking to score a backlink.

Make sure to address them by name, get the name of their blog right, and introduce yourself and who you are. Feel free to send one follow-up email after a week or two if they don’t respond, but after that, give it a good six months or so before you approach them again.

Even better, try to make a connection with the blogger on social media first so they know you’re a ‘real person’ and will recognise your name when you email them again.

2. How do I format the post?

Ideally, the blogger will give you the info on this. They should tell you what format they like you to submit your post in (text or word doc etc) and what size and format they want the pictures in. If they don’t, the easiest thing to do is just ask!

Send them a quick email asking how they’d like the post submitted.

If they don’t get back to you, or say ‘however!’ then I’d advise that you submit it in a .txt document and attach each image separately to the email. Try to make all your images the same width, and not so huge that they clog up the blogger’s inbox!

Also remember to include any links you want throughout the blog post – I usually just put the URL in brackets after the word/phrase I want the link to be.

Also remember to note where you want any pictures included – and name/number the pictures so it’s easy for the blogger to insert them!

3. Who owns the copyright?

You. You wrote it, you own the post.

That means you are fully within your rights to use that piece of writing anywhere else you choose. The blogger may ask that you don’t re-post the same post elsewhere, as that could affect the google ranking, but in the end, it’s up to you.

If in doubt, and if you want to use the same text elsewhere, just check with them BEFORE they publish it so there aren’t any issues.

4. Remember to send a bio + pic!

A big point of guest posting is to get your name out there – so take advantage of it!

Always send a short (2-3 sentences) bio and a nice headshot of yourself along with any guest post, and include 1-2 links in there, too.

Most bloggers will happily include this with your blog post, and it will make it a lot easier for readers to find out who you are, and where they need to go to read more of your wisdom.

I have personally found guest posting a great experience – it’s worth the effort!

{image by Kristina B}

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