C&T Recommended Reading Week 47 2013

I am sitting here this Sunday morning under a self-imposed social media blackout… because a few hours ago the Doctor Who 50th anniversary special – the Day of the Doctor – was simulcast across 75 countries, and I KNOW that if I even take a moment to get on facebook or twitter, I’ll be assailed by spoilers, sweetie (oh River Song I love you).

Nick and I are going to see it at the movies this arvo, so I shall be silent and still and do some housework to distract myself from the temptation to find out what happened… (you know I’m DESPERATE to be distracted when I contemplate housework…). However, most of you are not, I imagine, in my shoes, so here are some fabulous reads to turn your brain on this fine Sunday.

Each week I notice there seems to emerge a theme or two in the posts I share. This week, the themes seem to be writing and productivity. (I totally bought some more plants for my studio this week. Any advantage, am I right?).


Here are my fave reads from the week:


Why Sunday? Well, Sunday is not only the end of the week, it’s also the day where many of us have the most free time to catch up on news and other informational goodness without having to rush off to work. Think of this as your weekly Sunday paper… especially for creative, inquisitive, & entrepreneurial souls.

Remember, you’re welcome to share your fave reads of the week in the comments, too.

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