Etsy Star Seller – Another Etsy Fail? [267]

They’ve done it again! Dropped a bomb on the Etsy community. Reminds me of when they released ODR.. remember that? (P.S. It’s gone now…) Should you worry about the new Star Seller system? Are you ever going to be eligible? In this video I’m...

How I Organise my Life & Businesses [265]

Over the years I’ve developed a system of capturing and organising ideas, information and appointments/tasks that works for me, a fully-self-employed woman who runs 2 businesses (and is part of a third).

The key? Stuff needs to be written down, and everything needs a specific home, so nothing gets lost or forgotten.

In today’s podcast/video, I’m going to share the exact system and tools (apps, etc.) that I use to stay organised, on-task, and keep everything running smoothly.

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