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The first Create & Thrive self-study e-course – How to Sell More at Markets & Shows – is now available!

I’m really excited to be bringing you this course, written by my friend and creative business powerhouse Kath Chown. Some of you might know Kath from her B&M shop in Brisbane – Handmade Highstreet. Some of you might know her from her attendance at handmade markets throughout Brisbane over many years, selling her own creations. Some of you might know her from her time as the president of BrisStyle.

If you don’t know her, you’re missing out, because she’s not only passionate about handmade and craft – and helping others grow their businesses and crafty know-how – she’s also a gorgeous, warm person whose smile lights up a room.

In fact, before I knew Kath well, her presence and attitude at markets always stood out to me. Now, of course, I know that was no accident. It’s because she’s been working in retail since she was 14, and has learnt a lot of important skills and strategies along the way that has enabled her to become exactly what she teaches you in this course – a genuine, warm, and effective salesperson who deeply cares about her customers.

To celebrate the launch of the new course, we’re going to be publishing a number of posts on the blog this week to help you get comfortable with the idea of being a salesperson.

Do you struggle with negative feelings around selling?

Do you have trouble with the idea of yourself as a salesperson?

We’re hoping to help you tackle those fears, talk about how to change your perception of sales & selling, and show you that it can be done in a genuine, honest, fun, and non-icky way that is a win-win for you and your customer.

Tomorrow, Kath will be talking about the fact that most creative people struggle with the idea of being a salesperson – and the one thing you need to remember that will help you to overcome this feeling.

On Wednesday, I’ll be sharing some brilliant insights from a book I just read on sales, as well as some of my own personal story about how I went from loathing the idea of sales to being a confident salesperson – and what I believe the key is to being comfortable with the sales process.

On Thursday, Kath’s stopping by again to give you 3 simple ways to be a better salesperson at markets and shows – a little peek into what she teaches in the course!

The brilliant thing about this self-study course is that you can get started straight away – no waiting! Just click here to find out all the details of what you’ll learn, and once you’ve registered and completed enrolment, you get your first lesson straight away. You’ll get each subsequent lesson (14 all up) each day via email at the same time. Each lesson is an easily digestible and actionable step towards creating a successful sales environment and process at your next market or show – from the moment you get ready and walk out the door at home beforehand to after you’ve come home again and beyond!

This is often the busiest time of year for makers – with the increase in markets and shows (as well as sales to shops and online) in the lead-up to Christmas. Don’t let potential customers walk away because you don’t feel confident and knowledgeable about how to serve them.

Enrol in How to Sell More at Markets & Shows right now, and get learning straight away.

Ask yourself – how many more items will I need to sell at my next market or show to earn the money this course will cost me? I reckon you’ll find it’ll pay for itself pretty quick-smart!

Jess x 

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