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30 Days. 30 Questions. A rock-solid plan for your handmade business in 2015.

Do you usually kick off the new year with lots of energy, enthusiasm and dreams for what you’re going to do with your handmade business… but no real plan?

Do you run out of steam because you don’t have a clear direction for what you are going to achieve in this brand-new 365-day period?

Why does this happen?

Because you’re not asking yourself the right questions.

Asking the right questions is vital to the success and progress of your business. But so often we just end up flailing around because we’re rushing from one urgent task to another, and we don’t take the time to ask the right questions in the right order to get a clear, coherent idea of what we want to achieve with our business… and how we’re going to get there.

We neglect working ON our business because we’re so busy working IN our business (not to mention everything else we’ve got going on in our lives!).

To help you kick off 2015 with a bang, I decided to put together the (FREE!) Create & Thrive 30 Questions Challenge – 30 questions over 30 days, starting January 1st – that will take you on your own personal business journey.

The New Year is the perfect time to commit to a challenge like this – it’s a time of new energy, new beginnings, optimism, and momentum. If you can harness that, and keep it going, I just know that 2015 is going to be your best year in business yet.

Sound like a plan?

Then join us for 30 Days of Questions in 2015!

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It’s free, it’s not time-intensive (unless you want it to be) and it will ask you to answer a specific question about your business each day for 30 days.

This is a journey we’re going to go on together, but everyone will have their own unique answers to each question I ask.

It’s up to you as to how you want to participate. Write your answers in your journal, share them in a blog post series, share them on the C&T instagram and facebook feeds – or on your own – hire a sky-writing plane to tell the world… it’s up to you!

In order to make sure you don’t miss a question, there are 3 ways you can be part of the challenge.


3 Ways to Participate


1. Subscribe to the 30 Questions mailing list (This site/resource is no longer available.)

This is the absolute best way to participate, because I’ll send each question right to your inbox every day for the 30 days of the challenge. That means there’s no chance of you missing a question, or forgetting about the challenge!

Just enter your email below and subscribe to the 30 Questions email list. Get one email every day for 30 days, with that day’s question inside. (If you subscribe after the challenge starts, you will only get questions from that day forward – not the earlier emails. You can find the earlier questions on the C&T Instagram & FB Page.)

(This will also subscribe you to the regular C&T Mailing List, but if you’re already a subscriber to that list, you still need to enter your details again here to get the 30 Questions emails, because I don’t want to spam those who are already subscribed to the regular emails that don’t want to participate.)



2. Follow @CreateandThrive on Instagram

I’ll be sharing each question on the C&T instagram, so click here and follow me on the insta if you don’t already to keep up with the challenge there. You’re welcome to re-post the daily question to your feed! If you don’t know how to do that, check out this post.

3. Follow Create & Thrive on Facebook

Ditto with facebook – I’ll be sharing each question there during the challenge. Click here to follow us on facebook. Ditto about sharing – go for it!


I hope you’ll join us for this January journey, and set yourself up for an awesome 2015 for your handmade biz! If you do, make sure you use the hashtag #CT30Q whenever you tweet, instagram, or facebook about the challenge so I can take a peek at your journey.

Let’s rock 2015 together!

Jess x

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