Do you ever get frustrated, stressed, and simply wish that you could be done with your work? Do you feel exhausted at the thought that all those jobs you ticked off the to-do list will still be there to do again tomorrow, and the next day, and the next?

This, my friends, is an experience that I call ‘the tyranny of never being finished’ – and it’s time to recognise that so long as you have a business, it’s never going to go away.

If you are running your own business you will know this feeling all too well: especially if you are in the beginning stages of your biz. There is just ALWAYS something more you feel you ‘should’ be doing, or that you could be doing. You feel overwhelmed, frazzled, and sometimes it just all seems too much.

Also – your work can start to feel mundane and repetitive, which slowly saps the joy you feel about your business.

Frankly? The only way to fix it is to face it head on. You need to recognise it… and not only that: you also need to learn to make friends with it.

In this episode I discuss the tactics I have used over the years to turn ‘never being finished’ from a burden into a joy (most of the time!).



Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • There is ALWAYS something more you could be doing.
  • The could be doings are endless: research, learning more, blog posts, social media, networking etc.
  • It is so easy to become overwhelmed with the repetitive nature of running a business.
  • You need to accept that you will never finish and there will always be things you could be doing.
  • Sometimes you have to decide that you have done your best for the day and let it go.
  • There are always things that will get in the way of you doing your best.
  • Stay focused especially in the growth stages of your business.
  • Remember that you can’t do the impossible so you must focus on what IS possible.
  • Identify the feeling of never being finished and make friends with it!
  • The positive side of never being finished is that each day brings potential fro growth and there will always be something new and exciting around the corner.


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