Have you ever thought of being part of a collective space for makers?

In this episode I chat with Christina Douglas who has played a major role in the establishment of a maker’s collective store in Melbourne.

Christina outlines some of the pros and cons of such a venture and some things to look out for. We also discuss running craft workshops and kid’s craft parties, so if either of those ideas are something you’ve wanted to do, listen in to this one!

If you have ever wondered how collective stores work; if you have dreams of opening your own, or would like to be part of an existing space, this episode is for you.


Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Christina purchased a vintage caravan in 2013 and her business ‘Our Little Caravan’ naturally emerged from there.
  • The business recently entered a second phase and is now part of a collective store housing a few different businesses.
  • So what are the pros?
  • The initial cash outlay is shared.
  • It is easier to fill a shop when many come together than it is on your own.
  • Generally workload is shared among the creatives.
  • It is a safe way to test out your products in the retail environment.
  • A fantastic way to meet others and create a network.
  • Workshops have also become part of Our Little Caravan.
  • This happened naturally and they specialise in casual craft classes.
  • ‘Teaching craft workshops on your speciality is a great thing’ {Jess}
  • The Legalities:
  • It is so important to have terms and conditions in place where all the little details can be outlined.
  • Insurance needs to also be discussed and decisions made as to the structure of this.
  • Promotion of the Collective:
  • The promotion of Our Little Caravan has been somewhat organic. Facebook, word of mouth and Instagram have been the major players in the marketing plan.
  • Lessons learned
  • Choose a team of directors with different skill sets.
  • Don’t skimp on location.
  • Appoint a committee to decide what will be displayed in the store.
  • Decide if it will be a working space for creatives or purely retail.
  • You can find Our Little Caravan at the Website, Instagram or Facebook.

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