Running a creative business can be tough at times: so it is important to take care of ourselves and our mental health.

In this episode I chat with Laura Brassie – a professional crisis counselor who also runs Ivory & Pine, a blog focused on mental health, self care, and intentional living.

If you have ever experienced burnout, stress, or overwhelm (and let’s be honest – who hasn’t?!) I recommend you take the time to have a listen to this episode, where Laura and I discuss some tips and ideas to help overcome or avoid landing yourself in the land of burnout.



Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • ‘When you burn out everything falls apart because you don’t care anymore’ {Jess}
  • So, how do you avoid burnout?
  • You need to take the time for self care every single day, even just for 5 minutes.
  • Exercise and eating well are important foundations.
  • Supporting relationships are also important both personally and professionally.
  • ‘You come first as a human being, and all those roles and responsibilities have to come second’ {Jess}
  • You need to find the flow in your work/life cycle or balance.
  • ‘Work/life will never be in balance if the life part is not in balance’ {Laura}
  • Always remember that for every down there will be an up again.
  • You can find Laura and Ivory & Pine at her Website, Pinterest or Facebook.


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