So many of us are focussed on how we feel about our biz, and on doing the best job we can at marketing our business… that it can be easy to forget one important thing.

How does your customer feel about your business?

In this episode Meredith and I discuss the ins and outs of helping your customers feel good about you and your business. We discuss how this can be done in retail, at markets, and online to ensure your customers walk away feeling great, and that you’ve done your best to help them fall a little bit in love with your brand.

In short – it’s all about building relationships. Some are long and some are short and sweet but interaction – and transaction – you have with your customer is important on both an individual level and for the long-term success of your creative biz.



Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Being genuine is super important for building trust with your customers.
  • Always be respectful – listen to your customer so you can help them get the experience they want.
  • The Do’s
  • Do make your customer feel like you are solving a problem for them.
  • Make customers feel like they are part of your story so they are invested in what you do.
  • Help your customers feel excited to share their experience with others.
  • Customers want to feel you are honest and trustworthy.
  • Let them steal the moment! Your customer will love feeling that they have discovered something truly special and will spread the word!
  • The Don’ts
  • Never rush your customers no matter how busy you are!
  • Don’t make your customer feel pressured as most will quickly back away in that situation.
  • Think about your body language – don’t appear unapproachable.


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