Running a creative business brings with it many ups and downs in your level of creative inspiration – I call this the Creative Cycle.

One aspect of this cycle is creative block – which can be incredibly frustrating and worrying, especially if it is your first time experiencing it.

In this episode I again chat with my friend Christina Lowry, who outlines some action steps that you can take to kick yourself out of a creative slump, while still honouring creative lulls as a natural part of the Creative Cycle.




Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Christina created a ‘How To’ for herself to help her deal with creative block.
  • ‘Inspiration and action are not the same thing’ {Christina}
  • Don’t start with a blank page
  • This creates expectations and pressure.
  • Just start making marks, get your hands and mind working.
  • Make it a habit
  • Make space in your day to be creative.
  • There will always be a cycle in your business and your creativity.
  • ‘You have to believe it will pass’ {Christina}
  • Take a shower
  • Take a shower or a bath, a long one, and lock the door.
  • Have a notebook ready because taking that time to yourself will get the ideas flowing.
  • Driving, sleeping, running, walking or knitting are all examples of activities that can get the ideas flowing.
  • ‘Doing any kind of creative endeavour influences your creativity’ {Christina}
  • Make something different
  • Make something in a completely different medium to what you usually use.
  • Make something you don’t have to sell.
  • ‘Do something for your own fun and your own fulfilment’ {Jess}
  • Look back through old sketchbooks
  • Look at old ideas or designs to reignite some inspiring action.
  • Maybe you have old designs that you didn’t have the means to make? Has this changed?
  • Fill your well
  • Self care cannot be a secondary thing.
  • Never drain yourself. Self care should be a daily thing.
  • Surround yourself with creative people
  • Immerse yourself in others creativity.
  • Use Prompts
  • Prompts can help you open that creativity and smash the creative block.
  • Step away
  • If you aren’t being productive sometimes walking away is the best option.
  • If it is making you angry or stressed walk away and come back to it later.
  • Know that you are not your work
  • It is not healthy to think you are a reflection of anything external to yourself.
  • ‘You are not your work’ {Christina}
  • The cycles will become easier to recognise the longer you are in business.
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