A while ago, Vicki from In.cub8r The Valley here in Brissie invited me to be the speaker at the shop’s first birthday party! It was a pretty lovely and informal event, so I didn’t talk too much – but while thinking about what I would say I came up with this list.

These are the things you need to do to turn your passion into a successful business. I’ve deliberately left these generic because I think they would work for pretty much anything, not just craft…

Find the sweet spot that combines what you love with what people will buy

Just because you love it doesn’t mean other people will. But they might! So try and try again until you find the best balance between what you love to do and create and what other people need and want.

Be obsessive

Building your own business takes time, time, time. The more time you put into it, the more you’ll get out. So – be obsessive. If you are driven by an obsession, you won’t have to find the time – it will be an imperative.

Be consistent, passionate, and knowledgeable

Running hot and cold will make it much, much harder. The more consistently you work on your business, the faster/better it will grow. If it flows from passion, this will be easy. But you need more than passion to create a successful business – you need the combination of passion and knowledge.

Talk about it. A lot

To everyone. Online, offline. In the supermarket, at the dentist, at the party, on facebook. Don’t be shy – your friends and acquaintances will most likely be your first customers and your best method of spreading word of mouth.

Keep learning and growing

You are never, ever, done. If you’re done, your passion is gone. There is always more to learn, more ways to grow your business. Perfect example – Virgin.

Diversify – both what you do and where you sell

If you make/do just one thing – try to offer it in as many different colours/sizes/styles/price-points as possible. Sell your stuff in as many different places as possible.

Or, do a number of different things. With both my jewellery lines, my blogs, e-books, e-course and more – I’m always getting money coming in from somewhere!

Try new things – even if they fail, at least you’ve tried

If you don’t try, you won’t succeed. And sometimes you will fall flat on your face.

Who cares? Just get up, dust yourself off, and try something else. Thank goodness Edison didn’t give up on his first try to make a light bulb, or we’d ALL be in the dark…

Commit to things before you know you can do them

Want to launch an e-course, but don’t know quite what the content will be, or how you will run it? Pick a date, tell the world… and then use the motivation to work it all out!

Nothing lights a fire under you than external expectation that you will live up to your awesomeness.

What tips would you give someone who is striving to turn their passion into a successful business?


{Image from Epheriell.com – Heart Necklace}

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