The Create & Thrive Podcast 72

Do you find yourself focusing on the ‘number of sales’ you (or others!) are making as your main metric of business success?

It is easy to compare yourself to others based on the number of sales made – but I’m here to tell you: this is not a helpful way of looking at your business.

You should always be celebrating your sales and be always thankful for them – but the bare number of ‘sales made’ should not be the measure of how successful your business is. Success is not just about money, of course – but even when we do look at the numbers, this is not the best one to focus on.

If you focus on the number of sales you are making in comparison to others you really need to take a step back. Do not compare. Your business is not their business.

A more useful and accurate measure of ‘success’ (at least, financially speaking) is the profit you are making – both per sale, and overall.

In this episode, I explore this idea, and hopefully, I can help you to shift your thinking away from a focus on number of sales, and towards profit per sale, instead.



Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Keep in mind that an Etsy shop (or other venue) may only be one aspect or one slice of a person’s business. It is not a full view of the person’s business!
  • The more sales made, the more time is taken in administration, packing and shipping.
  • Product crafting is only one part of what you do.
  • Next time you look at a shop and lament on their sales – take a moment to consider all other aspects.
  • A better way to look at is by asking yourself what is their average price per sale?
  • What is your average price per sale?
  • This is a much more accurate view of success.
  • If you double your prices, and halve your sales – you are still making the same amount of income, for half the work!
  • ‘Most customers are not going to come along and scroll through your sales history.’ {Jess}
  • Focus on great products, customer service and fantastic reviews as customers will be looking for this.
  • There is nothing wrong with setting goals for number of sales – a more profitable goal, though, will be financial – a certain amount earnt.
  • There is more freedom in this, and financially it is what you should be focusing on.


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