The Create & Thrive Podcast 68

In this Episode I discuss all things SEO, website creation, and online marketplaces with Jonathan Peacock of Zibbet.

In the beginning, Jonathan developed Zibbet as an online sales platform for friends of his who were fine artists, as there wasn’t really an appropriate online sales platform for them at the time.

Over time, Zibbet has grown in scope. and now focuses on helping makers get their work into the world. They also offer their own website builder and have been working on some other pretty exciting things, which we discuss in this podcast.

We also chat about the future of social selling and the benefits of selling on an online venue as well as your own website – and how to best make these venues work for you.

This podcast includes some really great tips for both beginners and those with a little more experience. Jonathan has a great mind for business while keeping the particular needs of creative entrepreneurs squarely in his sights, and he and I are definitely on the same wavelength regarding how to be successful in business, as you’ll hear at the end of the ep!.




Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • ‘If you do the work you WILL be competitive’ {Jess}
  • If you have a hobby you can sell in any online marketplace that is easy and works.
  • If you are creating a brand then you need to have your own website and domain name.
  • ‘If you are trying to build a real business and you don’t have your own website then you are doing it wrong’ {Jonathan}
  • You need to make sure that all links lead to your website not an online marketplace.
  • Sending traffic to an online marketplace could ultimately end up with you losing the sale to another maker.
  • Online markets should be used for extra sales and extra exposure.
  • You need to be competitive online, everything should be top notch.
  • Zibbet have their own website builder which is also integrated with their online marketplace.
  • Currently Zibbet are developing a platform that integrates a whole range of channels to make sales and inventory control even easier for sellers.
  • SEO is super important and stands for Search Engine Optimisation.
  • There is on-page SEO which includes title tag and meta description (your welcome message).
  • Fill these on-page SEO tools with great keywords and word it in a way that is enticing to people.
  • There is also off-page SEO which is all about creating back links to your website for example being a guest blogger.
  • Make sure all online appearances such as guest blogging link back to your website and keep creating these external link backs.
  • Google yourself to see what comes up. This are what you need to work on. It has to be good stuff.
  • Do your research with website builders as features and cost can vary greatly.
  • Jonathan notes three things that are really important for building a business.
  • 1. Consume a lot of great content because that is how you learn and grow.
  • 2. You need to work really hard, there are no short-cuts.
  • 3. You need to have lots of patience as this journey takes time.
  • ‘Constantly learn, work very hard, and be patient’ {Jonathan}
  • You can find and explore Zibbet here or head over to the Create & Thrive facebook page to enter our giveaway!


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