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When we start a business by ourselves we are limited. We only know what we know. As you grow, other people become increasingly important as a resource for your handmade business.

At first we think we think we can figure it all out on our own, but where can you turn when you need the mental, physical or emotional help of others?

Sometimes it’s as simple as finding someone who will tell us that we actually can do what we dream of.

In this episode I share where I get support and help with my businesses (and how much that help has impacted the success of my endeavours). I also outline 8 sources of support that you can turn to, which are fantastic for starting, growing or strengthening your support network.

So, if you’re not sure where you can turn to get help, I hope you find one or more ideas in this episode to help you.

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Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • 1. Family
  • Family are usually the first port of call when we need help.
  • You are so blessed if you have family with the willingness, time and energy to help you.
  • Be thankful to them always if you have them because not everybody does!
  • If you don’t have this family support it is important that you find it elsewhere.
  • 2. Friends
  • Often our friends are our greatest cheerleaders.
  • There will always be those friends that aren’t supportive and usually this is because they simply do not understand.
  • Think about your friends skills and abilities as you may be able to source practical help from them.
  • It is common for some people to not see how your success is possible until you reach it.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to friends, after all that is what they are there for.
  • 3. Local Organisations
  • Finding a local organisation is a great thing to do.
  • Most cities have craft groups or guilds you can join.
  • Craft and business courses are a great way to find like minded people.
  • 4. Teams or Forums Online
  • Online there are so many teams or forums available that you can ask advice.
  • Etsy has teams and forums you can easily follow or join.
  • Keep in mind the downsides such as the fact that your posts are public. Competitors and customers can all see this.
  • If you need to rant then this is not the platform to do it as lashing out publicly is never a good idea.
  • You don’t know the people you will be talking to so remember to tread carefully. You don’t want to attract the negativity of the internet.
  • 5. Blogs and Podcasts
  • These are places where people share what has worked and what hasn’t.
  • Blogs and podcasts are full of lessons learnt.
  • Make a list of your favourite blogs or podcasts to follow.
  • ‘Make yourself a treasure trove of knowledge.’ {Jess}
  • Don’t forget to explore the archives as most advice is still very relevant.
  • You need to keep in mind that not all advice will apply to you and don’t fall into the procrastination trap.
  • ‘Make sure the doing gets done.’ {Jess}
  • 6. Staff
  • Sometimes it gets to the point when you can no longer do everything on your own.
  • You can either pull back or hire someone to help you.
  • Be honest with which tasks are vital but that you don’t enjoy doing.
  • Start small to see how it goes and take it from there.
  • Don’t let cost or perfectionism hold you back if growth is your goal.
  • ‘If you reach your upper limit you need to accept that.’ {Jess}
  • 7. Mentors and Coaches
  • Most successful people don’t have much time for mentoring.
  • ‘The best way to gain a mentor is to gain a friend.’ {Jess}
  • Mentorship is built on a relationship and trust.
  • If there isn’t someone in the position to be your mentor then consider a paid coach or advisor.
  • 8. Online Community
  • The beauty of online communities is that they are full of people on the same journey as you.
  • Most offer helpful content such as e-books and courses.
  • Get to know who runs the community. What is their approach? Do you like them? Who are others in the community? Do you trust them?
  • ‘Make sure you connect with the message and the mentor.’ {Jess}
  • My own membership community – The Thriver Circle – is currently open to new members – for 48 hours only! Head to ThriverCircle.com for more information.


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