Ep 51 - Create & Thrive Podcast

Anna and Gareth began their business – Able and Game – after both realising they needed change from their existing projects.

They design and print unique greeting cards with a humorous and offbeat character to them, and their business is a brilliant example of succeeding via doing your own thing in your own style – even if it seems to take a while for people to ‘get’ what you do.

They began making greeting cards in 2009 and also illustrate for giftware, working together in their business and alongside their newest addition, their little boy, Clyde.

Anna and I discuss the ins and outs of running a business with your partner; how things change when you bring a baby into the picture; how they grew Able and Game into a success through a combo of hard work and brand positioning; and more.

Ep 51 quote - Anna

Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Wholesale has grown to become Able & Game’s biggest sales venue, closely followed by Etsy and markets.
  • They have found that their own inadequacies are their biggest challenges in running the business, especially the sales side of things.
  • Trade shows such as Life In Style is where they have picked up most of their stockists.
  • Word of mouth continues to be a huge influencer when it comes to sourcing stockists and customers.
  • Early on in the business they had a shop call to say they had sold out and needed more! This is a stand out moment in the beginning of Able & Game.
  • Anna and Gareth do their own printing and have done from the beginning which gives them a great advantage. It offers the ability for small batch printing and also more freedom with their designs.
  • They have found Instagram to be a great marketing move along with staying visible through markets and trade shows.
  • Face to face is an important part of their business, it is where they generate most of their feedback. Seeing the reactions people have to the illustrations is invaluable.
  • ‘Have fun, because you often forget to.’ {Anna}
  • Able & Game was a positive force, pulling Anna out of her ‘training wheels’ business and on to bigger and better things!
  • The most important advice to take from this successful creative business is to ensure you have a web presence. If not a website, at least a facebook or instagram.
  • You can find Able & Game at their website, Facebook or Instagram.


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