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This week I’m in conversation with Laura C George, who is a business consultant for artists.

After studying a degree in art, Laura decided to focus on the marketing side of the art world, and now she helps 2D artists to be able to make a full time living from their art.

So – this episode will be most helpful to you if you are a 2D artist (painter, illustrator, photographer, etc.), because we are discussing the topic of licensing your artwork to manufactures. This might not be something you’ve ever thought of doing before, but it can be a great way to get your work out into the world.

In this episode she gives you 5 tips you need to take in order to prepare for licensing.

Even if you aren’t a 2D artist, there’s some good stuff in this episode about brand positioning, how to think about the legacy of your work, and more.



Ep 49 quote - Laura C George

Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • 1. Have your copyrights in place.
  • No one will use your work unless this step has been completed.
  • You can pay copyright for a collection rather than each piece which can save you money.
  • 2. Have a collection ready rather than a one-off.
  • A collection is preferred by those who will pay licensing.
  • Buyers want to see a larger selection of work even though they will rarely choose all of it.
  • It is important to include a ‘story’ about your collection.
  • 3. Think about the types of stores you want your art to be in.
  • It is really important to know so you can ask this of your manufacturers.
  • 4. Think about the types of products you want your art to be on.
  • If you are a gallery artist you don’t want your art to be on products that could make your art look cheap.
  • ‘If it’s on everything it presents a very different perception of who you are and what your art is and how it’s valued.’ {Laura}
  • Remember that licensing can affect your originals – for better or worse.
  • ‘You have to do what’s right for you and what you feel comfortable with.’ {Jess}
  • 5. Get some education on the process and the lingo.
  • The language used for licensing can be a bit tricky, so do your research to learn the jargon.
  • Learn the processes and best practices in order to protect yourself.
  • You need to be confident so you can come across as professional to potential buyers.
  • Don’t let fear hold you back.
  • ‘Keep reminding yourself to be resilient.’ {Laura}
  • FURTHER LEARNING: Laura wrote this post about licensing and the next steps you can take – ‘How to Get Started in Licensing’
  • VIDEO: How to Find and Approach Manufacturers for Licensing.
  • You can find Laura at her website, Facebook or Instagram.


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