Daisy Forster runs a creative business selling her hand-dyed yarns.

She started her business selling online via Facebook, and has since grown to offer yarn club subscriptions, and also run dyeing workshops and retreats as well as business retreats to assist other creatives.

I invited Daisy on the show after a comment she made in the Thriver Circle, about how she has used social media – primarily Facebook – to grow her business to a very profitable level over the last few years. With all the talk out there about how Facebook ‘doesn’t work’ any more for small business, I thought it was worthwhile to pick her brain about it – to find out why it worked for her, and how you can use that knowledge in your own business.

We also discuss the huge leap forward her business made when she decided to start offering a ‘yarn club’ subscription – members get a box with a new skein/skeins of her hand-dyed yarn every month that they are subscribed. This is been so successful that Daisy currently has 4 different clubs, and it is a huge part of her business model.

If you’ve ever thought about offering a subscription club for your own handmade goods, don’t miss this one!


Quotes and highlights from this Episode:

  • Daisy Forster runs Devon Sun Yarns, hosts luxury yarn retreats, is a knitter, and a creative business mentor.
  • Daisy found that using Facebook worked naturally to grow her business, as she was already involved in many groups as an active member.
  • ‘You need to build a community with the people who like your page’. {Daisy}
  • Daisy created a yarn club to help her organise, supply to her committed customers, and streamline her business.
  • ‘Make sure your business is working for you’. {Daisy}
  • It is important to work smart in the small amount of time that you have.
  • Daisy likes to work with what is inspiring her at the time which keeps her business flexible.
  • When it comes to social media you should check in with your business multiple times a day.
  • ‘The best marketing moves I have made are to be consistent’. {Daisy}
  • Always be present on social media as people love to know you will be there.
  • Learn and know when your peak times are to post so you show up on peoples feeds every day.
  • ‘Positive systems and habits can be the difference between sanity and insanity’. {Jess}
  • Don’t wait. The real learning comes from doing.
  • You can find Daisy at her website, Instagram or Facebook.
  • The book Daisy is featured in: The Business of Being Social

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