To offer free shipping or to not offer free shipping – that is the question.

More and more handmade sellers seem to be moving towards offering free shipping in their online stores – especially if you sell on Etsy, as they make it easy for a buyer to see in search which items have free shipping, and which don’t.

But – is free shipping something you can realistically offer? Can you make it work for you – or is it going to cost you more headaches and more money?

In this members-only podcast episode, I talk about my own experiment with offering free shipping, as well as a number of pros and cons – both from my own experience, and gleaned from discussion on Facebook with members of the Thriver Circle and the wider Create & Thrive community.

After listening, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic – if you’re a Thriver Circle member, come over to the FB group and share your thoughts using the hashtag #freeshipping.


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