I’m so excited to share this episode with you!

I invited today’s guest – Stacey Howard – on the show to share her business journey – because I’ve been watching her progress since she took my Set Up Shop course back in 2013.

Since then, she’s built a 6-figure handmade business – all while having and raising her 2 kids.

Stacey is a brilliant example of how hard work, dedication, and tenacity can pay off, and she has SO much wisdom to share with you today.

Enjoy this episode! 

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Quotes and Highlights in this episode:

  • Stacey’s business focus has shifted and refined over the years.
  • “My business evolved by following what my customers actually needed and what they were actually looking for” {Stacey}
  • By minimising one of a kind items, Stacey was able to free up significant amounts of time, energy and stock to focus on other aspects of growing her business.
  • Different products perform well in different spaces. Stacey’s postage stamp jewellery performed well at markets but were slower to sell online whereas her customisable cufflinks and jewellery perform best online.
  • The turning point in Stacey’s business was a large pricing restructure that included free postage as part of the price increase.
  • “If you have more higher priced items you will sell more of your mid-point items” {Stacey}
  • Increasing the prices of your products can be difficult but it is important to remember you are not necessarily your target market.
  • Give your new pricing structure time to bed down. It will take a little while to see results.
  • Provide your mailing list with advance notice of your price increase to build and sustain good will.
  • “You are making a beautiful product – don’t undersell yourself” {Stacey}
  • “Nobody is paying anywhere as much attention to your business as you are” {Jess}
  • The driver and source of your sales may shift and change over the years.
  • “You have to keep learning because if you don’t you will be left behind” {Stacey}
  • Consider outsourcing aspects of your life to free up time for you to work on your business.
  • “What activity (to outsource) will bring you the best return on investment?” {Jess}
  • Stacey’s tip for markets is to put your phone down and engage with each person who comes to your stall. They may not buy from this time but you are building a brand.
  • See Stacey’s work on her website: Max & Me Designs



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