Hey Thriver!

This little episode is more of an introduction and invitation than anything else. I’m going to start a new series of episodes on the podcast sharing the stories of successful makers.


These aren’t interviews – they are me, sharing and pondering the stories of successful makers, answering questions such as:

How did they get started?

What does success mean to them?

What marketing strategies worked for them?

Their biggest challenges and biggest successes.

Work/life balance… and much more.


If you are still growing your business, my hope is that you will find these stories inspirational and informational.

If you already have a successful handmade business – I want to feature you!

You can share your success story here.

I forgot to mention this in the episode, but I wanted to give props to my friend Chris Guillebeau and his podcast Side Hustle School for the inspiration behind this new series. His is a daily podcast sharing the stories of successful side-hustlers – I recommend you check it out for some inspiration!


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