Handmade business is hard work.


It takes a lot of time. A lot of work. A lot of learning. And a LOT of patience.

There are no shortcuts. There are no magic bullets. There is no way to circumvent doing the work.

There are no ‘secrets’ to success.

Success is not guaranteed. However… if you have determination, discipline, a willingness to grow and change, and a solid belief that you have a product people want, your chances of success are high.

They’re even higher if you find a mentor and colleagues from whom you can learn.

In this episode I discuss the reality of handmade business – and that while it IS hard work, it’s worth the effort to build something that you can help you to be in control of your own creativity and income.



Quotes and Highlights from this Episode:

  • Handmade business is hard work.
  • Being realistic with your expectations means you’re more likely to achieve success.
  • You have to determine what your own definition of success is – and work towards that.
  • No-one can tell you the 100% bulletproof method to succeed. If they claim they can, steer clear.
  • Others can act as guides, support, cheerleaders.
  • It is up to YOU to have the dedication, determination, and discipline to do the work.
  • You have the power to make it happen.
  • You CAN figure it out.
  • When you’re starting out, there’s no point putting more time into making more and more products if: 1. You’re not making the right things, and 2. No-one is actually SEEING them.
  • Be prepared to spend around 80% of your time on the business, and 20% actually making in the first year or two.
  • If you want guidance and support, join us in the Thriver Circle. Membership is open July 4-6 2017.


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