Today I’m drawing aside the curtain and taking you behind the scenes to share with you one aspect of Thriver Circle community membership – namely, the monthly Business Intensives I run for members.


Since the Circle started I’ve been doing 1-2 of these Business Intensives every month during our live calls. It’s an opportunity for members to put themselves forward for some one-to-one time with me (something I don’t offer outside of the Circle and my courses) – and with input and support from other members of the Circle, too. Each participant fills out a questionnaire, and we spend around 1/2 an hour with them on some key elements of their business.

When I was planning my podcasts recently, I thought that you might enjoy hearing what one of these Business Intensives is like! So, I reached out to a past Business Intensive participant – Judy of Boulder Creek Soapworks – and she happily agreed that I could share her BI with you here on the pod.

I hope you enjoy this episode – we covered a lot of ground – and had a lot of laughs! – and if you have any questions about Business Intensives, or comments on this ep, I’d love to hear from you in the comments below.

If you decide you’d love the chance to do a BI with me, make sure you don’t miss the next membership window for Thriver Circle membership – which is July 4-6, 2017. Check out the brand spanking NEW Thriver Circle website here for all the details!



Quotes & Highlights from this Episode


  • Judy Carlson runs Boulder Creek Soapworks and has been making and selling soap online since 2012
  • Judy’s main goals for the next 6 months are to increase sales, evaluate wholesale and consignment markets and explore subscription boxes to achieve steady income.
  • Do the maths on how much you need to sell to achieve the amount you want to earn!
  • ‘We need to know what the numbers are so we know what we are aiming for.’ {Jess}
  • Products with low price points are more difficult to turn a profit so look at sale options outside of selling single products.
  • Alternative sale options include selling in bulk, bundles or sample sets.
  • Lower price point options can provide entry opportunities for new customers.
  • When looking at consignment and wholesale options, research and decide what you are happy with in terms of the split and be clear and firm with your payment terms.
  • ‘It’s really important to have terms and conditions in place for what you are providing.’ {Jess}
  • Create a positive morning routine – Commit to something small to start with and build from there!
  • ‘I have an hour tracker app to keep track of hours worked.’ {Judy}
  • Decide on your unique selling point and determine your ideal customer!
  • ‘Your ideal customer does not cover all of your customers but you will generally find over time there is a certain demographic of people that will come back and continue to buy from you.’ {Jess}
  • Ask yourself, does your marketing and branding speak to your ideal customer?
  • Finally, businesses take time to grow – you can grow them faster by putting more time and effort into them but know your situation and what suits you when moving from full-time employment into your full-time business!
  • Past Podcast mentioned: Ep 16: How to Change your Life by Changing your Morning Routine


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