Do you feel overwhelmed by the process of growing your business? Do you feel like you have to be doing everything right now… and consequently scattered and unsure if you’re on the right track?

I’ve been there. And this week, I’m coming from that place a little bit further along the path to tell you that you need to stop trying to do it all at once.

After 9 years running my handmade business, as well as a few other businesses along the way, I know that it’s impossible to stay on top of all of the things all of the time.

If you’re trying to learn and do too many things at once to grow your biz, you’ll be stretched far too thin and be mentally scattered – and this can lead to you giving up altogether because everything just seems ‘too much’.

The key to long-term success is giving yourself permission to stop trying to ‘do it all now’ and to, instead, start being more strategic and patient with your business growth.



Quotes and Highlights from this Episode:

  • Stop trying to do everything all at one time and start focusing on the things that matter.
  • “If you are trying to do everything all at the same time, all you’re doing really is setting yourself up for a burnout. And if you reach that point, you risk giving it all up for good, because you turn something that you loved into something that you now loathe.”
  • Your first couple of years as a startup, you will work a lot, but it is not sustainable forever.
  • Downtime is normal, don’t feel bad for taking downtime when you need it.
  • “Business is a marathon, not a sprint, if you sprint too much at the beginning, you’re going to collapse.” Think long term instead of short term.
  • You are going to make mistakes. Learn patience not just with your business development, but also with your personal development.
  • Give yourself permission to figure it out eventually, not all at one time.
  • Make sure to create a business that suits your lifestyle and personality. You cannot be working 24/7, you have to look after yourself as well.
  • Working towards creating a business that suits you is far more sustainable than doing everything at once.
  • Don’t get lazy, get strategic. “80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts”
  • Work out where your customers are coming from, work out what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy in your business.
  • “Delegate or implode under the strain.” You only have some much time, space and effort to be able to give before you crumble.
  • There comes a point where you can only grow so far if you are dealing with everything yourself.
  • Going from one order a day to multiple orders a day can be tricky (Jess tells a story about when she first started up and blogging daily but slowly the blogging was not as frequent).
  • Doing one thing really exceptionally well is better than doing ten things in a mediocre fashion.”
  • Pick the one or two things in an area of your business and focus on doing those things really well. Picking key tasks will allow you to grow a business to support the lifestyle that you want.
  • Do something because through your research, you have decided that it’s the best choice for you.
  • You need to let go of some things and reach out for help when you need it.
  • Get smart and focus on the actual parts of your business that will help you grow.


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