Have you ever wondered if you should start a second shop?

Maybe you’ve started a new craft. Maybe you’ve started making work that is vastly different to your current product lines. Or maybe you want to start selling different types of products all together.

So – when is starting a second shop – which is, basically, a second business – the right choice? And when should you just integrate your new work into your existing business?

I see this question pop up all the time – so I thought it was time to address it in a podcast ep.

In this episode I discuss how I’ve approached this very thing myself – multiple times! – and why I made the decision to run multiple businesses, rather than just squish everything together.

I also give you a few questions to consider that will hopefully help you make the right decision for you if and when this question arises.




Quotes and Highlights from this Episode:

  • Do your multiple product lines have enough in common to exist under the same brand?
  • Can they be ‘branded’ together – i.e. photography style, target customer etc. Or are they too different?
  • I’ve started multiple businesses numerous times because I didn’t want to dilute my brands – but it’s a LOT more work to run multiple businesses. So be sure.
  • Ask yourself the following questions:
  • Does my new idea have anything in common with my existing brand?
  • Will incorporating my new idea into my existing brand compliment and improve my brand/shop overall, or dilute it? 
  • Do I have the time/energy to manage two separate brands/shops?
  • You want your business to be known for doing one thing well. Don’t fall into the trap of being a ‘little bit of everything’ brand.



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