Businesses don’t grow via a nice smooth curve.

In fact, businesses often go through periods of massive upheaval in the process of evolving. My guest this week is in the midst of one such transformation.

Claire and her fiance Steven own a glass blowing company in Canada. They spent some time travelling and working in studios together around the country: and then decided it was time to settle down and start their own.

They chose Niagara Falls as a place to call home and started working hard to get the studio off the ground. Together they create functional and artistic wares through traditional glass blowing techniques, and they have dreams to not only grow their glass business, but also become a hub of the creative community in NF – helping other artists to grow and evolve, too.

In this Episode I chat with Claire about the transformation of her business and what the future holds for this dedicated and hardworking couple.




Quotes and Highlights from this Episode:

  • Claire and Steven set up a crowd funding campaign to help fund the studio as there is so much equipment and permits involved.
  • A huge challenge for Claire and her partner was the process of setting up the studio (not an easy thing with their craft!) and the roller coaster of emotions that went with it.
  • Their glassware has been selling like crazy and they feel they have found their niche in a certain style ‘The Canadian Ice Glass’
  • They both have different strengths within the business and work with this.
  • There have been some huge life adjustments to manage the studio and still find time to do the things they enjoy.
  • Luckily, they both have the ability to care for each other through stressful times.
  • Claire admits they do have a plan and are ready to settle where they are even with the challenges they face in the creative industries in Canada.
  • ‘Finding the right product is the best thing you can do’ {Jess}
  • They have been focusing on wholesale and shows but are hoping for a retail season in the future.
  • ‘Make your bread and butter something you are very confident in and are very proud of’ {Claire}
  • Claire has found that it is so very important to always be confident about your pricing.
  • You can find Claire and her partner Steven at Studio Vine, and on Woodruff Glass.


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