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My Set Up Shop e-course is running again this July, and preparing to run it again got me thinking about my April students.

I’ve been hearing some fantastic success stories from them recently, so over the next few days I’m opening up the floor to let them tell you their stories – starting with where their business was at when they started the course, and detailing how their business has changed thanks to taking the Set Up Shop course.

Today we hear from Tracey and Noeline from New Zealand, who have brought their crafty talents together to launch a brand new business – The Little Bear Company!


The Set Up Shop course has been a fantastic experience for us on so many levels.

Tracey and I were probably a little different than most of the participants as we were working together on a business. We had a product, we knew most of what we needed to do… but you know how it is: you seem to take one step forward and three backwards.

Bears Group Etsy PS1

By receiving the lessons in daily installments, we were able to focus on that specific task for the day.

Some days it caused us anguish as we had to go right back to the drawing board again: other days we found we were on target.

Sometimes it was actually about focusing and making a definite decision so you could move on.

Believe me, there were many in-depth discussions.

Lots of research, and lots of sleepless nights while we mulled things over and made decisions.

I am not saying we have got it right… but we look at things in a different light now.

Green & Yellow Bunny Etsy PS1

So where are we now, having completed the course?

We have:

  • a plan of where we are going
  • a plan for our product range
  • a logo and colour scheme
  • an Etsy shop up and selling
  • Facebook
  • a blog
  • and we know the importance of great photography

We are able to think things through and focus on the task at hand rather than wasting time going around in circles and getting nowhere fast.

The greatest thing about the course was the network of fellow craftswomen from around the world, who shared their ideas, information, and constructive criticism freely, all in the name of helping each other out.

We have just returned from Brisbane where we met up with and had a lovely lunch with one of the girls. That was magic.

We have also just attended our first show since putting everything into practice and the feedback and the sales were really positive.

The course has given us the confidence to know we are heading in the right direction.

It has also made us realise that you continually learn to ensure that you improve and are successful in what you are doing and you never give up.

And when things get tough… you put a call out to the Set Up Shop girls and support is there.

Tracey and Noeline – The Little Bear Company


Set Up Shop runs again this July. Registration is OPEN NOW.

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