"Business opportunities are like buses. There’s always another one coming.” ~ Richard Branson

“Business opportunities are like buses. There’s always another one coming.” ~ Richard Branson


Do you ever feel overwhelmed by all the IDEAS you have?

Do you get stressed out because you just can’t figure out how on earth you’re going to bring them all to fruition?

Does the stress of this leave you stuck in a mire of indecision – stopping you from enacting any of your ideas because you can’t pick which one to go with?

Welcome to the club.

Having TOO MANY ideas is a common problem faced by creative entrepreneurs the world over.

I know this happens to me almost every day. I can’t count the number of random sketches for jewellery pieces or collections/unfinished blog posts/post-it-notes/brief word docs/notes in my Moleskine I have. I think there are new ones pretty much every day.

Probably around 5% of those ideas ever actually come to complete fruition.

Does that frustrate me? Hells yes.

But when I feel the stress of ‘oh-my-god-I’m-going-to-miss-this-opportunity-and-ruin-my-business’ I try to take a few deep breaths and remember this quote.

I will always have another idea. There will always be another opportunity to turn an idea into reality.

On the flip side?

You need to nail it down, people!

If you never commit to making something happen, it never will.

If you have an idea that you KNOW is good, schedule it in. Put it in the calendar. MAKE time to make it happen.

Because if you don’t – it never will. It will languish in the world of ‘Good Ideas’ for ever.

{Can you imagine if that world really did exist? Man, what a crazy place that would be}

In short: have ideas, let them flow, but don’t ever think you’re going to make all of them happen.

Take the time to review said ideas once a week (or once a month) and decide which ones are GOLD.

Schedule them in, and make them happen.

Rinse. Repeat. Thrive.

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