C&T Recommended Reading Week 42 2013

So – what are you doing with your Sunday morning? As this post publishes I’ll be getting ready to race my first triathlon of the season – hopefully I’ll be home for breakfast by 9. I’m not exactly training fit at the moment, so it’ll probably be a challenge, but hey, where would the fun be if it wasn’t? Thankfully it’s only a short one…

I hope you have some spare time today, because I have so much for you to read!

It’s an epic list I know – but there was just so much good stuff published this week. Trust me, I left a LOT out!

Here were my fave reads this week:

Remember – please feel free to leave any links in the comments below to awesome posts I’ve missed.

Have a great Sunday!


Why Sunday? Well, Sunday is not only the end of the week, it’s also the day where many of us have the most free time to catch up on news and other informational goodness without having to rush off to work. Think of this as your weekly Sunday paper… especially for creative, inquisitive, & entrepreneurial souls.

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