[164] Should you Offer Free Shipping: the Pros and Cons {Members Only}

To offer free shipping or to not offer free shipping – that is the question.

More and more handmade sellers seem to be moving towards offering free shipping in their online stores – especially if you sell on Etsy, as they make it easy for a buyer to see in search which items have free shipping, and which don’t.

But – is free shipping something you can realistically offer? Can you make it work for you – or is it going to cost you more headaches and more money?

In this members-only podcast episode, I talk about my own experiment with offering free shipping, as well as a number of pros and cons – both from my own experience, and gleaned from discussion on Facebook with members of the Thriver Circle and the wider Create & Thrive community.

After listening, I’d love to hear your thoughts on this topic – if you’re a Thriver Circle member, come over to the FB group and share your thoughts using the hashtag #freeshipping.


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[162] 7 Reasons to Sell your Craft Online


Do you like the thought of making money while you sleep?

Of not having to make an order till you’ve already been paid?

Or how about having your weekends all to yourself?

All of these reasons – and more – are why I personally LOVE selling my jewellery online.

The invention of the internet has made growing a successful handmade business more accessible, more possible, and more convenient than ever before.

I’ve done it – and it wasn’t even imaginable to me 10 years ago when I started that I could be making a full-time living from selling my handmade jewellery online.

But I am. And I know thousands of other makers and artisans are doing exactly the same.

How are we doing this? By creating enticing, well-functioning, cohesive, and professional online shops to sell our craft all over the world.

Selling your work online has SO many benefits.

In this episode, I outline 7 reasons why you might want to sell your craft online!



If the thought of setting up online is overwhelming… I’ve got you.

I’ve taken over 1,000 makers through my flagship course, Set Up Shop. 

Actually, it’s more than a course: Set Up Shop is an integrated system of lessons and projects that will take you from having no knowledge whatsoever about selling online, to knowing everything you need to know in order to get your shop set up right – right from the start.

In the words of Set Up Shop Alumni Karen Lynch: “If you have ever thought you would like to have an online presence, but have lacked the confidence or know how, this is the course for you. If anyone has ever said “Your stuff is great.  You should sell online”, and it’s been a dream of yours for too long, you need to make those dreams become a reality and do this course.”


The course is starting again on October 1st, with a one-time-only 20% discount offer!

Find Out More



Stacey’s made over 3,300 sales in her Etsy shop alone… and Set Up Shop helped get her there.


Hey Thriver,

I’ve got a story that I HAVE to share with you.

Stacey Howard of Max & Me Designs took my Set Up Shop course a few years ago, and since then, she has not only continued to be my student, but is also now my dear friend.

She’s built a wildly successful, full-time handmade business – all while having and raising her 2 kids.

She is a shining example of what can be achieved when you have a good product, fierce drive, and the right guidance.

She’s done so amazingly well that I actually had her on the podcast a while ago to share her story – and her tips for how she turned her handmade hobby into a full-time business!

You can listen to that right here.

And, if you too want to set up a stellar online store (on Etsy or anywhere else), don’t miss this class of Set Up Shop .

I’m offering a one-time-only 20% discount on the already super-redonkulously-affordable price to celebrate my upcoming 10 years in business!


Tap or click here to find out more…

Jess 🙂

P.S. Over 1,000 makers all around the world have taken the course – don’t miss it.


[161] The number 1 reason handmade businesses fail (and 3 strategies to overcome it)


I have seen so many handmade business owners flounder and give up, and there is one thing so many of them have in common.

I call it the ‘what, how, when’ problem.

This happens when makers don’t know what to do, how to do it, or when to do it in regards to their business.

You can know the what… but not the how or when. Or maybe you know the when, but not the how… you get the picture!

When you start out, especially if you have zero business experience, there is a HUGE learning curve.

But… how do you know what you don’t know? How do you make sure you’re doing the right things, at the right time, in the right way?

There are 3 strategies you can use to climb the mountain and craft a successful business, and I share them with you – in detail – in this episode.

I also share the BIG special I’m offering on my Set Up Shop course, and why!


[157] Leverage your Etsy Shop with Danielle Spurge


Want to get featured in a big magazine or online publication? Making sure your Etsy shop is top-notch is a great first step.

My own jewellery has been picked up and featured on Buzzfeed, Ring to Perfection, and in many other places, but that wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t put in the work to have eye-catching product photos.

Of course, that’s only part of the story – and my guest today, Danielle Spurge of the Merriweather Council has got plenty of experience and knowledge to share with you on this topic.

She’s been featured in stacks of places, and in this episode she’s sharing her advice on how to leverage your Etsy shop OFF Etsy to get seen and grow your business.



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Quotes and highlights from this episode:

  • The traffic you generate on Etsy is not just buyers.
  • “Influencers, big names, media outlets and buyers don’t search google, they go straight to Etsy. If you’re not on Etsy you’re missing out” {Jess}
  • Danielle worked hard to optimise her store for influencers, big store buyers and media as well as buyers.
  • “News outlets need content to share and Etsy is a hot bed of cool and interesting things” {Danielle}
  • A media opportunity can change the game for a small business.
  • Danielle shares a story about the Gilmore Girls and how this increased exposure of a product.
  • Jess shares a story about the longevity of sales from a media feature.
  • “You’ve got to have it sorted – have your products looking great and ready to pick up” {Jess}
  • Use your shop like a portfolio and have images and content ready to share by influencers and media outlets.
  • “No one is going to want to feature a shop that is half-empty or incomplete” {Danielle}
  • If you are interested in collaborations be aware these take longer to arrange and you will need to have a body of work that works as a showcase of your work.
  • Turn around for items needed for a photo shoot is often short. If an opportunity comes up you will need to turn production and shipping around very quickly.
  • “You want to take advantage of an opportunity if it comes up. You don’t want to have to turn it down because you didn’t know or don’t have what they need” {Danielle}
  • “If you want to make a long reaching wide PR strategy you do have to work for it but sometimes they come to you” {Jess}


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