Why you should work on ideas consecutively,

As entrepreneurs, we have so many ideas swirling around our heads. New ideas for products, marketing ideas, new business launches and the list goes on and on.

How do we make sure we focus enough on an idea to see if it’s viable, make a plan to carry it out and then ensure it’s a success.

After many hard-won years of trying new things in my business, I’ve unlocked one of the secrets.

Do things one at a time, not all at once.

Consecutive not Concurrent.

Seems like a really simple and almost ‘duh’ kinda realisation but I’m telling you now: it’s often the simplest things that we fail to see or forget when we’re knee deep in our business planning.

I have started so many things in the past that haven’t really had the legs because I tried to do them alongside another huge project or business and then ultimately ran out of time.

So how do you decide what you should focus your time on?

Follow these three easy steps to make sure you actually get things done and don’t use up all your energy trying to do things all at once

1. Write them down

You’re afraid if you don’t start on your new idea right away, you’ll forget it.

Simple solution: write it down.

Use a project planning site like Trello or a just piece of paper and a pen: it doesn’t matter as long as you have it to refer back to.

2. Plan them out

Make yourself a list of questions which will help you to decide whether this idea is going to be good for your business.

e.g. Does this fit with my business plan? Am I at the right stage of my business to add this dimension? What is the real reason I want to enact this plan/idea? Is this financially viable (write a small budget)? etc.

Then, once you’ve written a few of these plans and you have a few ideas which you want to get started on, decide which one to do first.

Consecutive not Concurrent.

3. Put them in your calendar

Now that you know what you want to do first, plot out how long it’s going to take you.

e.g. If it’s new product, how long will it take you to design, develop, make, photograph, market and list in your store

Then do this for the other ideas you have and plot them into your calendar along with milestones you want to reach along the way.

Then you’re all set to get started on your new idea without feeling like you’re neglecting all your other great ideas.

Having a planning day away from your creative space is such a great idea if you’re going to undertake this activity. I can’t recommend enough finding a Library, cafe or other free space to sit and think about these things without the distraction of home and work.

Have you got a story to tell where you took on too many things? Tell me below!

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