3 Ds of success

Making your small handmade business a success is hard.

It is definitely not just listing your items in an online store store: it requires determination, constant development and devotion.

Three Ds that will help you to get through the “wall” and get yourself noticed.

There are different variations of 3 magic Ds out there, but I came up with my own that inspired me:


Listing those first 10 items and waiting for a miracle unfortunately won’t get you far.

Allocate a start-up budget and go for it! Unless you hit the sweet spot straight away and find that niche in the market that is not yet taken, you will probably have to experiment and change what you make according to the feedback all the time.

Only a couple of businesses who started years ago still make the same product. Unless, as I said before, they had this “wow” one-of-the-kind product straight away. Judging from my experience, finding that best seller takes a while and a few dollars in listings.

The truth is, unless you keep listing new things for sale, you’ll never get there. You’ll have to spend some money at the start to make more in the future. Be determined keep listing and getting your creations out there!

Yes, you’ll have some stock that will not sell. Yes, it will hurt to see your items not selling when you made them with love: but look at the positive side, they are helping to develop your skills and great Christmas gifts too!

I still have stock from my first year somewhere that I get out every now and then during clear up and think how it helped me to get where I am now – how much more detailed and different my creations became because I made those items. They teach you the skills and give you that vital experience that will help you in the long run.


I am talking about both self-development and the development of your products.

Invest in a course if you feel it’s necessary and if you feel that the lack of certain skills is holding you back.

Modify your items, always think what else you can make to complement the range. Recognise that unique point that you have and develop it in to the strength of your business, something that will define your brand and if you cannot think of anything, develop it!


Loving what you do is basically what it all comes down to.

We start our small adventures out of love, most of the time. We keep digging until we reach a treasure, keep sewing until we fall asleep by our sewing machines… Sound familiar?

Then you’ve got the devotion required to get out there.

That feeling of hitting the wall – when you feel as though you’re not getting anywhere or making any progress – is heart breaking.

It’s so tempting to say that you’ve tried and then give up – but you know deep inside that you haven’t done everything you can. Thus, until you squeeze that last drop out of that orange, you cannot give up!

All three Ds are important in getting to the top, breaking into the market and actually secure your spot in the handmade marketplace.

Hope I inspired you not to feel discouraged and keep fighting one step at the time!

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