Taking time off helps me realise thatI

The title of this post is really advice I try to give to myself.

Intellectually I understand that it’s critical to take time out, time off. That’s how our creative batteries get recharged, and counter-intuitively, how we stay on track.

There are diminishing returns in productivity and creativity by doing, doing, doing all the time. {click to tweet}

But it’s so hard!

There is always stuff that needs to be done. When you’re a one woman creative business, stopping can feel dangerous, like everything will come to a grinding halt.

I’ve noticed a funny thing though; there is a perverse kind of momentum in stopping and letting go.

This past weekend I was at a wellness hotel with a few girlfriends. I logged out and shut down. I came back to a mini sales boom! Could it be the universe was telling me something?

I have also been experimenting with logging off and no screen time from Friday evening to Saturday evening.

When I actually do it I’m amazed by how ‘time rich’ I feel. When resisting the  impulse to check Pinterest, or email or fulfill an order I see that there is time to leisurely read a book, take my time to cook a nice meal, or just do nothing at all.

Taking time off helps me realize that I have more time than I think.{click to tweet}

My goal is to one day go totally Euro and take the entirety of August off. I haven’t been able to do it yet, but I know when I do it will be glorious!


Do you struggle with taking time out from your business? How do you manage it?


Image Source: Death To The Stock Photo


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