We’re back for another round of Small Successes! This month we’re featuring all our readers who have had a reason to jump for joy recently. Please cheer on your fellow makers!
small success 4

Minnette of Minette vs. Corey:

“I just finished up my tax paperwork for the year and realized that for the first time ever, I have made a proper wage and it’s from being entirely self-employed.”

small success 3

Lisa of Springwood Porcelain:

“I got a great wholesale order for a new shop opening in the Barossa Valley! 32 bowls and 130 Christmas decorations!!!”

Leona’s Daughter:

“Royal Design Studios used my suggestion for the name of their new stencil! ‘Boxwood Trellis’ is the name and they sent me a large version as a prize.”

small success 2

Jordan of ScatterBrained Collars (This site/resource is no longer available):

“I just picked up a wholesale account with 9 locations!”

small success 1

Melissa of Holmes-Made Papercuts (This site/resource is no longer available):

“I’ve had my biggest ever month of sales in my shop selling my prints and papercut originals!”

Have you had a small success in the last month? Share it with us below!

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