ss 3 aprilLet’s Fly Scarf by B Handmade Designs

We’re bringing back our Small Successes post and this month we have so many amazing things to share with you!  You may not have made the leap to full-time but you certainly have made some amazing small leaps.  We want Create & Thrive to be a site that shares your successes no matter what step of your business you’re at.  That’s why I’m so happy to let the celebration of small successes begin!

  • Katie Stack opened her first public studio and retail space!  You can find it at Stitch & Rivet.
  • Jackie of Precious Beast got her first order from Hong Kong and sent three colorful made-to-order pieces to the buyer, a designer who is going to use them to display jewelry in her showroom.
  • Kylie of Birdie Num Num took three whole days and nights off!

ss 1Dancing Dolls Nursery Mobile by Birdy Num Num Design

  • Little Scamp Prints  just crossed the 50 items mark in her etsy store…. a big achievement!
  • The Funky Chunks Soap Org picked up three new retailers last week, are a week ahead in our production schedule (first time ever!) and signed off on the final version of our their website.
  • Totally Design wrote that she, ‘Finally retired my old computer and bought a new one. This is the first big expense I’ve been able to cover with the money I’ve earned through my business! Yay for success!’
  • Charmed By Wine shared that she’s filling and shipping out he largest custom order this week.
  • Picot of Skyepiece got asked to design a small line of jewellery for a group of female, Ugandan co-op members of a non-profit organization to create.

skypieceThree Strand Hand Beaded Necklace by Skyepiece

  • Michelle Cree  of B. Handmade Designs was invited to develop a ladies range of clothing and join three other ladies in a retail space as part of the Renew Newcastle scheme.
  • Emily Jewell of Signed with Love launched a new product line with great success!
  • Kim Tichenor Kenney received an invitation to be featured with her art in the online version of The Arts Live!
  • Keltie Leanne Designs launched her new spring jewellery collection.
  • Ann Wei Design launched her new online shop.

 What about you?  What small success have you celebrated this month?

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