Every other week we share the success stories of full-time makers but Jess and I wanted to make sure we were also celebrating your successes!  So every month we’re hoping to feature a few Create & Thrive readers who have had a recent success story of their own.  We had some wonderful feedback last month with our first installment of Small Success Stories so we’re doing it again.  Read on to see what your fellow Create & Thrive readers have achieved lately.

Jennifer’s Small Success:Pozible cover image

This week I reached my funding target on Pozible meaning I now have the funds to publish my first illustrated book! In my small business/world this is a huge thing but I guess it’s small in the grand scheme of things.

You can see Jennifer’s project funded by Pozible HERE  (This site/resource is no longer available) and more of her work online at http://www.redparka.com.au/.

Viktorija’s Small Success:


This is my first week of a freelance adventure, so excited! Bye-bye day job hello the creative unknown!
I am very excited about this change and made lots of new goodies to celebrate. Necklaces, earrings and totes.

Viktojia, the owner of AndSmile, also got featured on Crafty magazine’s blog about her big step into self-employment.  You will love the interview (This site/resource is no longer available)!

Grace’s Small Success:


I was approached by a local lady who is organizing a workshop called “Suicide risk in Depression and Anxiety” and I was thrilled to tell her that Papier Mouse Designs is more than happy to create all design items for her for no charge. Now she has sent some more business my way. Karma is good.

Lora’s Small Success:


I am thrilled to say I got invited to showcase in a MAD Gallery for our big Downtown Gallery Crawl. I’ll be showcasing a beautiful 5 ft wide copper and coin angel I created from salvaged copper gutter and pennies.  My work has gone from small jewelry pieces to large metal art. I am thrilled to be able to create and share my work! I never dreamed it would grow this big! And now I know there is no end to what you can achieve with LOTS of determination, imagination and supportive people!

You see more of Lora’s work at her Etsy shop: Centsations  (This site/resource is no longer available).

Lila’s Small Success:


Lila, the maker behind Lingering Daydreams, took a big step last month and hired a product photographer to shoot her products.  Personally, I think her Etsy shop looks amazing now!  Take a peek yourself HERE.

Fiona’s Small Success:


I am Fiona from Hung Up On Agnes (This site/resource is no longer available) and I received my first custom order today! It’s been so lovely chatting with this friendly customer and I am thrilled to have received a custom order from her. As I was excitedly whipping up a gift for her to go with her purchase, I have stumbled upon a new product line that I have starting working on and hope to have in store soon. Double yay day!

Imogen’s Small Success:


My small success was realising if there is no clear divide between my ‘work’ time and my ‘own’ time and that isn’t necessarily a bad thing! When I quit my job a couple of months ago to focus on my handmade business I thought one of the most important parts would be the balance between turning off the computer/ putting down the craft supplies and having a social life/ seeing my husband/ relaxing.. that at a certain time of day, every day. I should stop. After reading a post from Paid to Exist last week where they mention the faster you realise there is no divide the faster you will succeed, the happier I’ve been. I make the things I make because I enjoy it, I enjoy “working” in my spare time, and I know when I need a break, a predesignated divide (at this point in the business anyway) isn’t necessary! Yes of course I would like to succeed, but I still enjoy it enough to want to do it as a job and as a hobby because it is fun.

You can find more of Imogen’s work at Imogen Wilson Jewelry.

Linda’s Small Success:


I create jewelry and specialize in Jewish jewelry and Jewish women’s headcoverings (kippot).  Recently, I had a feature in an online publication: WE Magazine for Women. It’s exciting!

You can find more of Linda’s work online at: Linda B’s Jewelry.


***Want to be featured in our next Small Success Stories feature?  Email me at megan@createandthrive.com and tell me what we get to celebrate!  I promise to eat a piece of chocolate cake for every success you have.  (I don’t think my boyfriend will object to always having cake in the fridge.)***

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