how my business sustains my life and creativity

Though it is obvious that everyone has different financial needs, it may be less obvious that everyone has different creative needs as well.


Some people need to constantly be challenged or under a tight deadline in order to feel motivated. Others feel more motivated by having a painting on their canvas for a few months. Either way, financial need is usually not the only thing that motivates an artist.


My business has allowed me to be self employed, fully, for more than three years now. I am so grateful for the venues, opportunities and resources that have helped make this possible.


I love the work I do, and I enjoy working with people to create custom work. I also enjoy the community aspect and camaraderie of the handmade world. The challenge of staying current, fresh, inspired and motivated can be hard to overcome sometimes but in the end it is worth it.


Being self employed and selling my work full time has allowed me flexibility and more control over how I spend my time. Of course a great deal of my time is spent working, but I can be available to help a friend if needed, or grab a spontaneous lunch out with my husband on a Tuesday when he has the day off. This lifestyle suits me and gives me options to travel, attend classes, or tend to other tasks that arise without totally disrupting the flow of business.


A few things I have in place to help me run my business to achieve this level of flexibility:


Multiple mobile devices – I have my phone which helps me do small business tasks on the go day-to-day. I have a laptop that allows me to do most of the same work I would in my studio while traveling and I also have an iPad that fills in for overnight trips or day trips. These devices really make it possible for me to stay connected while I am away from my hub.


I work small – most of my work is very portable. If I go to visit mom and  dad for the week, I pack up a handful of materials and I can still be making things on the go without having to lug a giant extra suitcase around.


Drop box + Evernote -These two utilities allow me to save images and data that I can access anywhere if needed. If you’re on vacation and a magazine wants a high resolution image for the cover, this can be a lifesaver!


I wouldn’t trade this job for any other! I love the flexibility and freedom I have to plan my own time each day. It’s not always easy but staying organised is key and everything else will fall into place!


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