how I prepare for the holiday season

The holidays are coming! The holidays are coming!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year… although the things that make it such are usually all happening while we makers toil away in our studios making gifts and prepping for shows.

But the holiday rush has its perks and personally, I think it’s fun to spend extra hours making and prepping and let’s be honest… scrambling just a little bit.

So how do I prepare? Here are my answers to a few common questions:


When do you start stocking up for shows?

Every year is different, sometimes I do a lot of shows in the summer so I am prepping inventory throughout the winter and spring for those events (Ed note: obviously here in Australia the summer/holiday season is one and the same, unlike the States where Danielle lives).

Since springtime is usually a slower time, I end up with a lot of inventory so throughout the summer I only have to patch smaller holes in my inventory.

Often times, I still have a decent amount of inventory after my summer shows are over and that carries over into the fall and winter show season. For holiday specific items, I begin in late may or early June collecting supplies and making.


When do you stock up your brick and mortar shops?

There is one store I have worked with pretty consistently the past few holidays and they always want holiday stock by the middle of October.


Any tricks for preventing burnout?

Having the inventory before you need it is the number one best thing I can think of.

For me, having extra is better than not having enough.

On the other hand, in my online shop, I sell mostly made to order items. Obviously there is no way to stock these… setting a cut off for holiday delivery orders is key!


Another suggestion: ask for help!

I have had friends and family come over for the afternoon and help out with certain tasks like shipping or organizing.

This is helpful, yes, but is also fun. Then usually we go out for lunch, which of course I love.

Good luck this season!

Image source: The Merriweather Council

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