Art is about the messy and marvelous

As part of my organisation series, I told you at the beginning of the week that I was getting a Marketing Calendar in place to help me with my bigger picture planning.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to critique it by the end of the week since it’s an annual calendar but I did promise you a peek of my own marketing calendar!

I found a beautiful Leunig quote which, while not perfect (!!), made me feel a little better about the big messy mess I had made while figuring out my plan. Art is messy and while we’re also in business, we’re in the business of making art too. So it should be messy and fun and filled with the great and happy mistakes which we learn and grow from.


I’ve been finding these organisation and planning techniques completely eye-opening and helpful in my business and everyday life.

It really has helped me to ‘come to my senses’ about a few things.

  1. I am not ever going to get ‘everything’ done. This is a good thing because it means my business is growing, moving, evolving and not stagnating. I am always able to find ‘more’ to make it better and to make me more productive.

  2. I can be more productive with less time. Thinking I have to get everything done hasn’t worked in the past and it just made me stressed and disorganised. The process of distilling tasks down to their elements and turning them into manageable tasks has taken away the ‘overwhelmed’ feeling I sometimes get when thinking about my business.

  3. I’m doing enough. I can always do more, but right now, I’m definitely doing as much as I can without tying myself up in knots and – that is enough.

So without further adieu, my Marketing Calendar.

Not perfect, definitely rough around the edges and needs more work but it’s started and I feel like I’ve got my business on a great track for even greater success this year.

I’m going to tease it all out into definite jobs, more of a Marketing Plan and will probably use Trello to help me. I might even do an organisation post about Trello as an organisational platform soon. It’s an amazing tool which helps you to break tasks down and then action them one at a time and on a schedule and all online. You can invite others to see your ‘boards’ and assign them tasks too.

Trello is how I organise all three of my roles as business owner of Handmade High Street, as Assistant Editor here at Create & Thrive and my part-time job as a Community Development Worker in my suburb. It’s also particularly useful if you have more than one person in your organisation or business and you want to achieve some goals independently and some in collaboration.

How did you go this week? Did you start a Marketing Calendar or have any exciting ideas for making your own?

Kath xx

P.S. You can download your own version of this calendar here.

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