How I Deal with the Holiday Rush

My business has a ‘holiday rush’ but it’s really after the holidays.

My highest revenue products are wedding invitations and stationery. Wedding season begins with a bang right after New Years, when everyone starts initial planning after all those holiday proposals over eggnog and champagne.

So, much of my holiday planning takes place during the holidays. This isn’t easy considering I like to enjoy the holidays as well!

A few of the things I do in order to get ready for my busy period:

  • Design new products
  • Reach out to the media to share new products (I start this around the end of October)
  • Plan flash sales and giveaways

Don’t get me wrong, I also have holiday products like printable Christmas cards , printable wrapping paper and printable calendars.

I use these products keep activity and traffic moving towards the site. I can’t just coast through the holidays.

One of the ways I plan to maintain momentum during the holidays this year is have a series of advent posts (one each day of advent with some kind of treat) on my store blog. I’ve meant to this for awhile, but something has always gotten in the way. To make sure I don’t miss it this year, I’m starting draft posts now.

What steps do you take to prepare for the holiday rush?

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