recommended reading week 22

From Megan:

  • Utilizing Images on Twitter – Meighan O’Toole (I have two from Meighan this week because she’s just so amazing. This one focuses on how to amp up your Twitter campaign with images.) (This site/resource is no longer available)
  • Permission: You Don’t Need to Be On Every Single Social Media Site – Meighan O’Toole (This is the permission that every single one of us needs.) (This site/resource is no longer available)
  • Want to Grow Your Business? Stop Lying to Yourself – Laura K. Roeder (This one is an oldie but a goodie and acts as a great kick-in-the-pants.)
  • 5 Questions You Must Answer for Success: A New Strategy for the New Economy – Tara Gentile (This is a wonderful article to get you planning for the second half of the year.)

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