trade show secrets

What is is: Trade Show Publicity Secrets

By: Brigitte and Maggie, the ladies behind B, the forward-thinking PR agency


What It Includes:

  • 3 audio lessons
  • Q & A with Megan Auman, who used Brigitte and Maggie’s advice to land her home decor line in Elle Decor
  • Trade show checklist
  • Quickstart Guide (If you have less than a week before your show, you can still rock the PR angle.)
  • Scripts and templates for pitching the media at a trade show
  • Workbook to help you figure out the best way to pitch the benefits of your product
  • Media Kit checklist


Why We Loved It:

Brigitte and Maggie tackle a subject that many of us overlook: PR. You can succeed at a trade show if you pick up a lot of new orders but a trade show can shoot your business to the next level if you ALSO land some sweet press exposure from it.  Trade Show Publicity Secrets is ‘a guide to making the most of your next wholesale trade show by connecting with editors who are scouting products for their magazines’. You’re already at the show and have put in all the effort so why not land yourself in Elle Decor while you’re at it?  Brigitte and Maggie give you the scripts and templates you need to write a stellar pitch.  They also give you a workbook to help you make a media contact list, get your media kit in tip top shape, and help keep track of following up with each of your leads.


Best of all?

This advice can be applied not only to a trade show but a retail show as well. The scripts and templates can even be used for pitching the media when you’re not at a show. Once you understand the steps and how to attract an editor’s attention, you can start landing your products into bigger and better magazines and blogs around the world.

Check out more about the guide here.


C&T Trees: 5 out of 5!



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