Jess and I were SO excited to review Designed to Sell – The Unconventional Guide to Creative Freedom by Jen Adrion and Omar Noory.

We’ve been holding our breaths waiting for it to come out for months and now it’s finally here!

We know you are going to love this one.


Designed to Sell - Quote


Designed to Sell


By: Jen Adrion and Omar Noory

Famous for: These Are Things, one of the coolest shops full of illustrated maps.


What It Includes:

  • 139 page e-book
  • Interviews and advice from 13 full-time makers
  • Ultimate pricing toolkit
  • A master to-do list to get you to creative freedom
  • Directory of creative resources
  • And much more!


Why We Loved It:

I don’t even know where to begin.  This guide can be used in two big ways.


1. If you haven’t officially started your business yet, this guide shows you how to analyse your talents and passions and build a successful business around them.

2. If you’ve been in business for a while, this guide helps you re-assess and dig down into what products will really make your business take off to be your full-time job.

Creative Freedom - Designed to Sell - Review by Create & Thrive

A tiny excerpt from Designed to Sell…


I loved how it included advice and insights from makers from all different industries.  You can learn so much from a screenprinter or a retail shop owner even if you’re not one yourself.

I also thoroughly enjoyed the novel concept that this book goes from the very beginning of your business through growth and first sales all the way to hiring help and going full-time.

Most guides stop once you have your shop set up. This one takes you into 5 or more years of business.

It covers everything you need to know in 5 Parts – from actually coming up with your ‘Big Idea’ through planning, implementation, getting started, marketing, and more. And it’s laser-focussed at people just like you and me – people who want to create a physical product with passion and care – and make real money doing it.

Did I mention that Chris Guillebeau had a hand in setting this up? It’s one of his Unconventional Guides.

If you weren’t convinced that you need to add this book to your ‘must read’ business shelf yet, then that little tidbit should tip the scales.


Check out more about the guide here.


C&T Trees: 5 out of 5!

 C&T Tree Rating - 5 out of 5



Yes, it’s our first 5-tree review. It’s that good.


{A note from Jess: There are a phenomenal amount of useful and informative books/ebooks/courses out there – so how do you choose which ones are right for you? Megan & I decided to start a monthly review series here on the blog where we share our favourites with you. If you know of a great book or info product out there that you think we should take a look at, make sure to contact us and let us know about it!  Disclaimer: C&T is an affiliate of some of these products. We give honest reviews and only recommend stuff we think is genuinely useful and practical.}


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