Do you feel like you lack inspiration on some days because your creative business is weighed down by scheduling, accounting, packaging, or liaising with customers?

Don’t forget why you started in the first place! Get back on track and get those creative juices flowing!

Being a creative person can mean your mind never stops buzzing with ideas. Problems with inspiration and motivation arise when other factors come into play such as a tired body, your day job, your everyday chores, or even your social life.

Having a creative mind does not always mean you are motivated. Imagine if we could achieve all of those wonderful thoughts and ideas!

While this may not be possible it is important to not get stuck in a slump waiting for motivation to come to you. Sometimes you have to go seek it out for yourself.


Here are a few ways to light that fire.


1. Get Natural

Being out and about in nature is one of the best ways to take a moment to really connect with your mind and feel peace.

Sometimes our heads are filled with so many negatives, anxieties or responsibilities – how are we supposed to feel like creating! Taking a walk, sitting in a garden, watching the bird life or dipping your toes in a river can be invigorating.

A moment in nature can recharge our batteries, calm our mind and put us back on track. If you are really feeling that slump then just take a few moments in nature and you will feel it.


2. Start Right

First up – start out right!

We all know how getting up late, running out of time, rushing and skipping breakfast can completely ruin a day. Take charge of the day by taking some the in the morning to set your intentions.

Have a cup of tea, read a chapter, meditate, or whatever feels good for you. Even just 5 minutes of peace will make a difference. You can’t always plan how the day will go but by doing this you will be so much more prepared to face any challenges that come your way.


3. Just Do It

Sometimes the biggest barrier to letting the creative juices flow is just starting. Just do it.

Pick up your tools, have a play. Once you are there, because you love what you do and because you are great at what you do it will come naturally. It’s so easy to put things aside especially when you have many thing on the go at a time. Put some music on, wiggle out all your tension and just do it!




4. Allocate Time

While this can be a hard one sometimes for a creative mind (how can you force yourself to be creative?!) it can work really well.

Give yourself the opportunity to be creative. Sometimes it will flow and sometimes it won’t come as easily. If it doesn’t then go back to step 2, or 3 but actually give yourself the opportunity, allocate the time to create.


5. Make a Mess

This is the best one by far. Just get in there and make a mess!

Try a new idea. Make something for yourself. Express yourself!

Constantly thinking about the marketability of an item or an idea can sometimes turn from pure fun and switches that business part of the brain on. Do something you won’t sell, or don’t want to sell. Make art, make it great, make it fun and make a mess. It doesn’t have to be beautiful polished product.

It can be your masterpiece – the masterpiece that helps breed creativity within your brain. Because we all know that the more we use our creativity, the more we have. Go on, make a mess.


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