If you are anything like me, the fast approach of the New Year has your creative brain buzzing with ideas for new products.

Ideas development, product planning, and market research are all very important – but there are a few more things to think about for a new product launch in order to give it it’s best chances of success.


1. Create suspense

This is a good time to get people to sign up to your email newsletter. Entice them by letting them know that subscribers will have exclusive pre-launch offers or event invitations.

A very important part of your creative business is creating customer engagement. You need to engage as many as possible in the launch of the new product weeks or even months in advance.

This creates positive word of mouth and suspense or ‘buzz’ around your brand and your new product, which means when it comes to the launch you will have a higher chance of success.


2. Share the process

Let your customers have little sneak peeks into the process and planning of the new product. This shows your customers the time and effort that goes into what you do.

It also helps in creating that ‘buzz’ in the lead up to the launch. Don’t be afraid to show the human side of creativity either! Mistakes and accidents are all part of creativity, and sharing the good as well as the not so good are great for that customer engagement. Facebook and instagram are excellent tools that will help you do this.




3. Take pre-orders

Once you have a product completed or near completion it is a good idea to take some good quality photographs so that people can see the item.

Customers who are now engaged will want the product as soon as possible! If you have the resources, offering limited pre-orders can be a great way to gain confidence in your product, offer exclusivity and back to the most important step, it keeps that ‘buzz’ going!





4. Set a date

Once you have an idea of time set a date and stick to it! This is a great way to stop procrastination and get those products finished.

It also tells your customers that they have something to look forward to and will assist with those initial sales. You can give all of your new mailing list subscribers exclusive access to the new product prior to the official launch also as their gift as well as invitations to your official launch.


5. Create an event

It is great to launch your new product online but having a physical presence can also be a great boost. Somewhere people can come to hold, feel, and engage with the new item and of course you!

See if you can make your launch date coincide with a local market, a retail outlet, gallery or even a private gathering to celebrate.


By taking the time to launch your product – rather than just popping it it your shop with little fanfare – you have an opportunity to not only boost sales, but build the story of your business in an authentic way that will win you new fans and potential long-term customers who feel connected to your brand.

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