paperwork organisation

As a child, I was very interested in organisation and paperwork. It’s strange, I know!

My mother worked as a secretary and I was intrigued by all the ‘art supplies’: pens, pencils, paper etc. I was known to carry a folder full of paper and at least 6 pencils with me every where I went, and I was also keen on filing my papers in my file cabinet.

Well, that was a long time ago and I’ve pretty much outgrown my paper organisation inclinations. It’s sad, because really, I would benefit from it now more than ever!

I have, however, maintained a few key organisational practices that are simple, but keep me out of trouble.


1. Keep and then file paper receipts

I have a very simple organiser with tab dividers that I use to keep my receipts in – I have one for each of the past two years as well. It’s easy to keep up with monthly – I collect everything in one spot, then organise at the end of the month or quarter.


2. Keep small file box for other important documents

LLC records, bank statements, etc… I keep a carry-all file for these documents. It’s easy and tidy and requires very little thought for keeping up with or finding things. Whatever is important to you and your business for reference or legality, keep it filed!


3. Get an accountant .. or establish a book-keeping system that works: really works!

It costs money but it’s worth it. I used to do my own book-keeping – but I never did it on time and I was always worried it was wrong – especially when it came to tax season.

My book-keeper and I communicate via email primarily, and I collect all the statements and documents she needs and put them in a shared drop box for her to access. It’s easy and effective and it works well! A very good investment. If it’s not feasible for you right now, find and maintain a practice for book-keeping that you can understand and keep up with. It is so worth it!


So while I might not be completely organised all the time, it works well enough for now and I free up a lot of brain space not having to worry about where things are: and that is worth so much to me.

What systems do you have in place to keep your business paperwork organised? Do you have ANY?

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