Why I’m Bringing Back My Blog in 2015




Like you, I have a ton of new things planned for my business this year.

One that I’m expecting to pay off the most though is bringing back my blog. A few months ago, I stopped writing on my blog.

I had one hundred things on my plate and I had gotten zero comments in the past month. There wasn’t much to compel me to keep writing when I was having more fun on Instagram.


But then I realised that blogs have super powers.


1. They position you as an expert.

There’s no easier way to position yourself as an expert than through the content of your blog.

People love to buy from an ‘expert’ because they trust you to give them a high-quality product. It also helps you get featured on other blogs, get asked to speak at conferences, and even be asked to be interviewed on some amazing blogs like CraftSanity. (shameless plug!)

Use your blog to make yourself appear as the expert you are. Share your skills. Give tips on your craft. Show off professional photos of your work.


2. They let people get to know you.

Without a blog, your site can seem a bit impersonal.

Let your customer get to know you through your blog. I don’t mean you need to write personal posts – the voice in your writing will convey more than you think.


3. They give you material for your newsletter.


There’s no need to use new material for your newsletter because, honestly, few (if any) people are reading your blog posts AND your blog. They just don’t have time.

So use your (now) great blog content in your newsletter to save time and entertain your mailing list.


4. They Fuel your Pinterest.

Been meaning to use Pinterest to promote your business?

Well, use the photos from your blog! Link back to your blog post to ensure people come to find your site. This will also help you take better photos for your site as there’s extra pressure.


So for these reasons, my blog is coming back this year. Is yours?

Megan Eckman

Megan Eckman has written 146 posts in this blog.

Megan Eckman is a quirky pen and ink illustrator who never outgrew her overactive imagination. Her work merges the style of old fairy tale illustrations with modern fantasies. When she’s not drawing (and giggling all the while), she can be found pacing her apartment writing more stories to go with her artwork.


Allison Dey

Timely and inspiring points about blogging as I’ve been working on a complete start-over for my business and have been madly on the fence about blogging again. Picked a new business name, opened a WordPress account, and chose a theme. My previous blog and newsletters were drawing peers and fans but not so much customers. I’d like a balance of both.


Yes, WHAT you write about determines who reads your blog. Many of us write about the workings of our business but our customers don’t care about how we can use social media or how to shoot video blog posts. They want to know about your product and how it impacts their life.


I still read a lot of blogs 🙂 like you though, I have noticed a drop off in comments 🙁 I like to think that people are still reading, they are just not commenting as much 🙂 looking forward to reading you more in 2015 🙂


Yep, but that’s why it’s so important to use your blog content in your newsletter. Kill two birds with one stone.

Laura - Marion's Mittens

Thank you for this post! I’m also frustrated with a lack of comments on my blog posts, but I know I need to keep on going. Numbers one and two on your list really hit home for me.


Another great way to leverage those blog posts is to use them as proof that you’re a good writer when you ask to guest post or be featured on another, bigger blog.


I don’t even have a newsletter. Which should come first, blog or newsletter?


Both! They can share content. No one reads every blog post you write AND every newsletter, just as no one reads 1/4 of what you post on social media. So start your blog and copy and paste the material into your newsletter. A newsletter is your MOST IMPORTANT revenue stream because people on it are 1.75% more likely to buy from you and nearly three times more likely to be repeat customers. So get some content out to them!


I still enjoy blogging – Its been 9years this year! I havnt really had a break so Im pretty proud of my blog! Im still planning to keep going and going even though comments have swindled down…but that’s OK too!
Hugs AC

What say you?